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Additional material: Convexity of the Salpeter problem

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  • Scipy provides least-squares codes (leastsq and curve_fit) that use a Levenburg-Marquardt gradient method.
  • Scipy also provides a Simplex algorithm (fmin) for more general problems.
  • Not all problems are least-square problems.
  • Simplex is robust but inefficient.
  • Gradient methods are efficient but not robust (assume convex problem).
  • Metropolis-Hastings is robust but efficiency strongly depends on fine-tuning of numerous stepsizes.
  • Hamiltonian Monte-Carlo is robust and efficiency depends on fine-tuning of a single stepsize.

What we did not have time to cover:

Take home messages

  • There is no ‘’perfect’’ fit algorithm that solves all problems.
  • You need to be able to identify and implement the fit algorithm that solves your problem.
  • Python is well suited to implement simple and advanced fit algorithms.